Call for Papers til 79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section & Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation (PAC)


Creating the future: preserving, digitizing and accessing all forms of children’s and young adults’ cultural heritage

Children’s and young adults’ culture exists in multiple forms and media, from nursery rhymes and oral storytelling to videogames, from printed books to eBooks… Libraries play a key role in preserving this cultural heritage and in giving access to it. How are they doing this? What must they do now so that this heritage is not lost and cultural diversity is preserved? How are they giving young people access to their cultural heritage?

IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults, IFLA Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) in collaboration with Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park), the Thai Section of IBBY (ThaiBBY) and the Thai Library Association invite you to submit a proposal for a presentation on the theme “Creating the future: preserving and digitizing all forms of children’s and young people’s cultural heritage”, the IFLA Pre-Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 14-15 August 2013.

The Pre-conference Venue: Asia Hotel Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

The expected audience is likely to include children and young adults’ librarians, National Libraries, libraries serving indigenous people, librarians working in audiovisual and multimedia, storytellers and other performers for children, other professionals working on children’s and young adult’s reading, students and university professors and partners of libraries in joint reading promotion programmes.


We are particularly interested in presentations on the following topics:

•Preserving and/or digitizing books, journals and original artwork for children and young adults

•Preserving and/or digitizing immaterial children’s and young adults’ culture: storytelling, puppets, theatre, rhymes and songs…

•Preserving and/or digitizing web pages, video games, TV programmes, audio cassettes

•Preserving and digitizing local content and indigenous knowledge, for inclusion of all citizens at the library

•Working with children on cultural heritage, in public and school libraries

•Giving access to digitized collections for children and young adults

•Libraries and their partners for conservation and/or digitation: museums, ONGs, corporations…

Submission Guidelines

Proposals should be sent before January 31st 2013 via email to:

Kirsten Boelt


They must include (in English):

•Title of paper

•Summary of paper (up to 500 words- ½ page)

•The speaker’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers, professional affiliation, email address and biographical note (40 words)

The official language of the meeting is English. No Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided.

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Review Committee. Successful proposals will be identified and announced by February 22, 2013.

Full text papers should be provided by 15 April, 2012; papers should be 3-20 pages long. They must be written in English, include an abstract and be in a Word file.

Oral presentations of papers will be of 20 minutes. Presentations must be in English.

More information

See the Conference website for additional details at:

Important Dates

January 31st 2013: Deadline for submissions February 15 2013: Notification of acceptance/rejection March 10 2013: Final program and full registration information April 15 2013: Deadline for submission of final papers’ texts

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